Dear Kennedy Families,

Welcome to an exciting school year at Kennedy Elementary School! Whether you are a returning or new family, we look forward to seeing you in the halls and in the classroom.  At Kennedy, the teachers, students, and families work together to create a close knit community. 

In order to be successful, the Kennedy PTA needs support and involvement of members. Membership is open to anyone interested in the welfare of children, not just parents but staff, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, community businesses, students, etc. We encourage you to show your commitment by joining for $10.00/single adult or $15/two adults in the same household (2 memberships), cash or check made out to “Kennedy Elementary PTA”.

Some of the initiatives that Kennedy PTA provides and/or participates in are:

  • National PTA Programs: Reflections, Youth Making a Difference
  • Local PTA Programs: Training & networking opportunties, support system
  • Hands on Educational Activities: Field trip/assembly allotments, Science Fair
  • Community Strengthening Events: Skating or bowling nights, Ice Cream Social, Family Fit & Fun, Spring Fling
  • Teachers: Staff Appreciation, Teacher/School allotments
  • Community Outreach: Beautification, Donation drives

When you join Kennedy PTA you are becoming a member of the largest volunteer child advocacy group in the nation, that promotes parent participation and has been in existence for over 100 years.  Joining a local PTA means joining the PTA organization. A portion of your local dues goes to Livonia PTSA council, Michigan PTSA and National PTA. All these levels of PTA provide training materials, workshops, support, newsletters, legislative representation.  As well as advocacy, community programs, and make your PTA part of the network of PTAs nationally. The PTA organization is a non-profit organization of volunteers that has over 5 million members nationwide. Each member has a voice (voting rights) in local PTA meetings and representation at state and National PTA conventions. Involvement is always encouraged but participation in monthly meetings is not required.  

Benefits of joining to the PTA:

  • Get Connected: Receive communication about PTA events via e-mail, flyers, phone, website
  • Network: PTA functions are an opportunity to meet other parents, teachers, and students
  • Witness Improvement: PTA volunteers are part of the solution who play an active role making things happen!
  • Individual Growth: PTA volunteers learn as they help, by organizing, being a team player, and leading others.
  • Be a Role Model: The most important reason to join the PTA is the impact you can make in your child’s life and educational experience!  Children love to see their parents involved at school, as it puts value on what they do. 

Thank you for considering joining Kennedy PTA.  


Kennedy PTA


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