2017 Kennedy Elementary Science Fair

February 1, 2017

6:00 – 7:30 pm

Click for Science Fair Information Packet.

The Kennedy Science Fair is coming! All students are invited to create a project for the Science Fair. We’re going to put together a scavenger hunt again for the kids.  Please try to include a clue or question that we can include in the scavenger hunt that can be found in your project. 

Science Fair information eblast – Friday, November 11
Science Fair kickoff assembly for all students – Wednesday, November 9
Entry form deadline – January 20   
Bring project to school - Day before fair - Tuesday January 31
Classroom viewing Wednesday, February 1st, during the school day
Science Fair family viewing Wednesday, February 1st from 6:00 – 7:30 pm

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More information:

The Science Fair is an opportunity for the Kennedy students to enjoy delving into science. The hope is that your student can discover something that they didn’t already know.

Keep in mind the students are most likely asking how does… why does… and what is… type questions.  These questions usually start the scientific process. 

They will need to include a hypothesis, which is their prediction of what the outcome will be. It’s ok for their hypothesis to be wrong!

Each project should contain the following basic items:

  • The name, grade, and teacher of each student who worked on the project.
  • The project title in the form of either a question or a hypothesis.
  • A description of how their inquiry was carried out. This could include
    descriptions and photos of their experiments, a report of their research, or simply where their project took them.
  • A conclusion. Is this what they expected?  Was there anything surprising? Did this lead them in a different direction than expected? This could be in the form of a table showing their results.

Please no glass, liquids, or breakable items.  If the experiment used any of these please include a photo with a caption. 

The Kennedy Science Fair is not structured as a competition and will not be judged.  This is just for fun!  Students are not required to participate and they will not be graded.    

If your student wants to take this on entirely on their own, that’s great!  They can work on their own, with a team, or make it a family project.  We just want this to be an enjoyable experience that will help keep their natural curiosity engaged.

If they would like to learn how to put together a clean, professional looking presentation, please feel free to help them with this.  Helping the students to proofread and layout their project can help prepare them for their future projects. 

The classic three-sided display board is the most effective way to display a science fair project. These can be found at most office supply stores or at a Michael’s (arts & crafts) store.  If this doesn’t work for their project, the students can also do a poster board presentation, or simply display their experiment.

The most important thing is for this to be as meaningful for your student as possible!