There are many ways to support Kennedy PTA, here are some easy ways you can help us financially.  Silent Fundraisers are ways of supporting us financially without having to deal with traditional flyer-type fundraisers (magazine sales, etc.).  We like these because they piggyback onto purchases we already plan to make either at a grocery store or online, don't cost any additional money, AND take limited coordination efforts (aka less volunteers are needed to administer).  Thank you for designating our school!

  • Kroger Rewards This must be done annually in the summer months.  Please remember to re-designate if you haven't.  Our organization number is: 83055, Kennedy Elementary PTA.
  • Dine-Outs - We are organizing monthly dine out opportunities where the entire community can go out to eat "together".  A sponsoring restaurant will pledge to donate a certain percentage of sales generated from either all of their customers during a certain time period OR from customers that have the approved flyer/information.  We average $200/event, and it requires NO VOLUNTEERS!  The kids LOVE to see their friends at meal time too, so that really creates a fun atmosphere!  
  • Donations - We will accept donations at ANY time throughout the school year.  Rest assured any donations made to Kennedy PTA are deposited and spent according to our budget as outlined in our meetings, changes to budget items must be voted on by members. Donations are not restricted to our annual fundraising drive, usually called the Fund Run. Remember all direct donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  Cash will need a receipt for proper tax documentation.

Please write checks payable to:

Kennedy Elementary PTA
14201 Hubbard Street
Livonia, MI 48154