Simple Reading Practice/Positive Behavior

I have found a way to give my girls at home reading practice—and improve their behavior at the same time. I write short notes to my kids and leave them around the house. For non-readers I add pictures to the note. Sometimes I will mention my child’s good behaviors, like “Thanks for helping with the dishes!” or I will write reminders next to toys or clothes like “Please hang me up. Signed, Your flower shirt!”. Sometimes the notes are about not-so-good behavior like “I was disappointed when you yelled at me. Can we talk about this?”. My favorite notes are fun ones like “Let’s go for a bike ride after dinner!”.

I look for unique places to put the notes, such as on their pillows, in front of our dog Bella’s water bowl, or pinned to the towel in the bathroom. My girls enjoy discovering the notes and reading them aloud!

From: Dr. Daniels, Kennedy Principal