Math Workshop


Math will be taught using the Everyday Math program.  The program uses a combination of hands-on activities using math manipulatives and games to enhance students’ number sense and written work.


Students will participate in grade-level activities in the combined classroom.  Mini-lessons will be taught small group.  During this time, the other students will work on independent and guided instruction to reinforce concepts taught in the mini-lesson.  


On most nights there will be a short homework assignment (Home Links) that will support our lesson from the day.  Please assist your child at home with the Home Links and return it the next day in their folder.  Answers for Home Links are sent home, please check your child’s work with them.  I will only be checking Home Links to see if they are being completed.


At the end of each unit there will be an assessment.  On the days we are giving our assessment, there will be no homework.