Policies and Procedures

Second Grade Policies and Procedures

Each student will have a communications folder that they will bring to school and take home each day.  Please set aside time each day to check your child’s folder for notes, homework, book orders, etc.  Any correspondence from home should also be placed in this folder.

Any money sent to school needs to be placed in an envelope (or bag) with your child’s name, teacher’s name and reason for sending it (lunch money, book orders, etc.) written on the front.

Beginning on the first full day of school, we will be setting aside time each morning for the children to take a short snack break in the classroom.  A light, nutritious snack will provide them with an extra energy boost to help them through the long morning.  Please send the snack to school in a small sack, bag or container.  Fruit (fresh or dried), veggies, cheese and yogurt are acceptable snacks.  Please do not send in munchies or desserts for a snack break.  Also note, we do not have a refrigerator in the classroom to store lunches or snacks.

In addition to snacks, water bottles will be permitted in the classroom.  Label the bottle with your child’s name.  The drinking fountain is available for use throughout the day, but many children find a water bottle more refreshing and it eliminates long lines at the drinking fountain.  To help prevent spills, please make sure the water bottle has a pop-up top.

We will be sending home a book order form each month.  Be on the look out!

Please keep all toys, cards, stuffed animals and games at home.  We don’t want these valuable “treasures” to get lost, destroyed or broken.

Birthdays are very special days.  We are a food-free classroom for treats - if your child would like to pass out a treat, please bring in something non-edible like erasers or a special pencil.  You can also donate a book to our class library in honor of your student.  Summer birthdays may be celebrated on ½ birthdays.   Also, please refrain from delivering birthday invitations at school.  This prevents hurt feeling of those children not invited to the celebration.

Your child’s well-bring and happiness is of utmost concern to me.  If a change (moving, marriage, death, divorce, new siblings, illness, etc.) is impacting them, please let me know.

Our classroom will be using a clipchart system to encourage students to follow the Cobra Code of Conduct.  Each student will begin the day
"Ready to Learn".  If poor choices are made throughout the day, their clip moves down to reminder to slow down and change his or her behavior.  “Think Sheets” will be completed by students, as needed, and sent home for a parent signature.  Students' clips can move up the chart for excellent behavior as well!!


Suggested Supplies

The following is a suggested supply list for the second grade .  Please label with your child’s name all supplies with a star next to it.  

Second Grade

*1 pair Friskars  scissors blunt tip

4 jumbo Elmer’s washable. glue sticks

Lg box of tissues

*3 folders with 2 pockets (no center clips)

1 box of #2 sharpened pencils (24/box)

1 box washable markers (8-10 count)

1 box of crayons (24 count)

*1-three subject notebook - (Ms. Germain's class only)

1-8 oz. bottle hand sanitizer

4 Expo Dry Erase Markers – Chisel tip black only

*1 dry erase board eraser

Girls – 1 box gallon-sized slide lock plastic bags

Boys – 1 box quart-sized slide lock plastic bags

1 pack 3x3 post-it-notes

 1 Chlorox Wipes

1 pair of headphones (no earbuds please!!)

*1 1" binder with a clear front pocket