Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop


Our workshop format heavily follows “The Daily 5” by the Two Sisters.  During workshop, students are taught mini-lessons and then are given the opportunity to practice the lesson in a variety of stations.  The five stations to choose from include:

  • Read to Self
  • Read to a Partner
  • Listen to Reading
  • Work on Writing
  • Work on Words


Students independently pick which stations they would like to visit each day.  During independent stations, I work with small groups on guided reading.


Independent practice is built into the workshop format to build stamina, confidence, fluency and comprehension.  Students are provided with leveled texts that are “just right” for them.  It is imperative that students are reading texts that are appropriate for them.  If a book is too easy or too difficult, learning will not occur.

District Benchmark Testing is ongoing throughout the year.


We will also do whole group enrichment activities to benefit all readers.  These include: story webs/maps/charts, creating class books, read alouds, etc.