Classroom News
Niemiec News 
November 5, 2014

Classroom Information

Our second card marking has begun! I am amazed how 
quickly the time is flying by! The students have settled 
into our daily routine and are blossoming into wonderful 
learners. It is a pleasure each day to work with this 
group and to see their strenghts shine through as well as 
to see them work hard to improve. I am so proud of 
them as I am sure you are too!

I look forward to seeing you all next week at 
conferences. If you have forgotten your time, just head 
to Sign-Up Genius and check. The time slots are 15 
minutes, so please be on time and come with any 
questions, comments or concerns so we can address 
those right away. 

Our long term guest teacher, Mrs. Todd, will be with us 
next Tuesday. This is an opportunity for her to meet the 
students and to get a feel of how our day goes. I know 
the students will enjoy having her as a teacher in my 

Lastly, the Book Fair is next week. Our class will have 
a preview day on Monday to take a look at what is 
available and maybe make a wish list. Then on 
Wednesday the students can bring money to school to 
purchase books. 

Important Upcoming Events
Mon. 11/10 – Report Cards come home
Wed. 11/12 – Parent Teacher Conferences PM
Thur. 11/13 – Parent Teacher Conference AM & PM
  No School
Fri. 11/14 – No School
Thur. 11/18 – Coffee & Tea with Dr. D @ 3:15

We have started Unit 4 which covers decimals. We will 
be looking at place value, ordering, comparing, and 
adding & subtracting. If all goes according to plans the 
review for the test should come home on the 12th and be 
due on the 19th. and Unit 4 Assessment will be on 
Thursday, November 20th.

We have just started our Energy Transfer Unit. The 
students are looking at how energy changes form. This 
unit is has some great labs that the students will be 
participating in while learning about energy.

Social Studies

The students have been working on Map Skills. 
Although many of us use technology to get from point A 
to point B, maps are valuable tools. We have been 
working on reading the legend/key and then following 
directions to find or place items on the map. There will 
be a quiz on this information on Tuesday, Nov. 18th. A 
study guide and their map packet will come home to 
study this week.

We will be starting Chapter 13, which covers our 
Michigan Government next. The field trip to the State 
Capitol Building is scheduled for Friday, January 16th.

Reader’s Workshop
We continue to Analyze Characters in our reading unit. 
We will be gathering evidence from the text to describe 
a character, as well as look at items or ideas that are 
important to the character and think what that reveals 
about them and their actions. We continue to model this 
with the text The Tiger Rising, while the students 
independently practice with a text at their level.

Reading Logs
The goal for November is 7 hours. These logs are due 
on Monday, December 1st. If the reading log is 
misplaced feel free to make your own. Just make sure 
your child records the date, title and time read. 

Writer’s Workshop
We have begun our Persuasive 
Letter Writing Unit. These are so 
much fun and the students really 
get a kick out of making their writing personal. We have 
established and audience, an issue and three reasons to 
support their stance. During this unit the students will 
also be working on adding supporting details to 
strengthen their arguments as well as proper 

Word Study
New words will come home on Monday. Please make 
sure your child sets some time aside during the next two 
weeks to review and practice their words. The next test 
will be on Friday, November 21st