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Please check your child's folder daily for notes and homework.  

Hello My Name Is...

Michelle Dobrovich (Duh-BRO-vich)


I have been teaching in Livonia since 2001.  I received my bachelor's degree at Western Michigan University and my master's degree at The University of Michigan. I live with my husband and daughter in Livonia.  I love warm weather, spending time with my family, and teaching your kids!

**Please look for my digital newsletters in your email on Fridays.  These newsletters will keep you up to date on everything going on in our class.**

Suggested Supplies:

**Please Note: suggested brand is listed because believe it or not, the brand truly makes the difference between lasting a week and lasting the majority of the school year.**  

  • pencil box to hold supplies (standard 8.5" X 5.5" size)
  • pencils 
  • crayons (crayola)
  • erasers 
  • glue sticks (the large/jumbo size if possible, they last SO much longer than the regular little ones)
  • DRY ERASE markers (chisel tip, the rounded tips do not last at all)
  • scissors
  • notebook of paper (any kind, this is for drawing/coloring/doodling at the beginning of the school year)

Please feel free to label your child's supplies with his/her name.  They will NOT be used as community supplies.

I will keep all your child's extra supplies in a gallon size ziploc bag and pass it out to them as needed throughout the year.

Appreciated Classroom Donations:
disinfecting wipes (i.e. clorox wipes, lysol wipes)
Ziploc bags (gallon or sandwich size)


Mrs. Dobrovich's 1st Grade Class 
Livonia Public Schools 
Kennedy Elementary
14201 Hubbard
Livonia, MI 48154