Welcome to Fourth Grade

My name is Kim Finney and I have been teaching in Livonia since 2009.  I have taught kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 4th grades.  I have a teenage son that lives with me in Canton.  I understand the rewards and challenges of working and being a mother! 

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The following information are some basic procedures that apply to our classroom:

Conferences: I encourage you to contact me whenever you have a question, problem or concern.  It is usually easiest to reach me through email at 

Tardies: Please try to have your child to school on time.  The beginning of our day is very important and a student who comes in late can have a difficult time catching up.

Money: Whenever you send money to school please put it in an envelope or baggie with your child's name, teacher, amount and purpose.  Money is often lost when it is loose.  A lot of times we are collecting for various things at the same time and I don't always know what the money is for.

Homework: Any homework will be listed in your child's planner for that evening.  I ask that every student read for 20 minutes each night and math homelinks will also be assigned.  There may also be work listed that your child was unable to complete that school day and should be completed and turned in the following day.

Homelinks: We use the Everyday Mathematics program in Livonia Public Schools.  This program builds on concepts throughout the year and continues throughout the rest of their elementary years.  The homelinks directly correlate with the day's lesson.  These should be completed nightly and returned the following day.  I typically use Friday's to catch up and review from the week so homelinks are rarely assigned on Fridays.

Birthdays:  Birthday treats are welcome! I ask that treats are store bought and individually wrapped with an ingredients label.  Please send napkins with your treat. Pencils, bookmarks, erasers, etc are always a great food alternative!

Snack: Each day we have time for snack.  Please do not send in candy or sweets for your child's snack.

Toys: Toys are not allowed in the classroom.  We have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities during recess times.  Toys are often misplaced and often cause conflict.

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