My Homework
READING~ 3rd and 4th Graders are expected to spend some time reading every single night. Practicing the skills learned in class is essential to helping your child become a more fluent reader. This should be a relaxing and enjoyable activity for your child, and it is very important that your child is reading books that are "just right" for them. They need to keep track of their reading on their monthly (4th) and weekly (3rd) calendar.  To get full credit they need to read for the assigned amount of time each month and it needs to be turned in with a parent signature at the end of the month.

SPELLING~  Children need to practice sorting and spelling the words at home. Spelling tests will be given on Friday.

MATH~ Home-links will be coming home almost every night, I try to avoid Friday night homework. They need to be completed and returned to school the next day. If they receive a P.C., P.F. or R, it needs to be corrected and returned to school for credit.

Math To Go~ Occasionally your child will be bringing home a math game to play. It is their job to "teach" it to a member of their family, play it and then write a paragraph about it in the math journal. Please try to return the game in 1 to 2 school days so other students have a chance to take it home too.

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