About Me:

I began teaching in Livonia in 1997.  I taught 1st & 2nd grades for five years at Cleveland and Cass Elementary schools before taking two years off after my son was born.  In 2004, returned to a part time assignment (integrated learning in grades 1-6 at Garfield Elementary). In 2006, I returned to full time teaching here at Kennedy. I have been teaching 2nd grade here ever since.  (previous last name was Germain)

I have had both the teacher role and parent role here at Kennedy.  My son attended school here for 5 years and he has great memories to share.  In addition to my son, Kenny, who is now in high school, I also have two step daughters, Natalie and Katie,who are also in high school.

Math Online Website


Homelink pages should only take a few minutes to complete as they are a direct reflection of the lesson taught that day.  All lessons will be listed on this site for the week, so if your child is absent, you can be aware of the lesson that was taught on that day and keep up with the work if possible.
Please make sure you are checking your child's math homelink at home each evening.   The lesson number is listed at the top of the homelink page(s) so that assignment should match the lesson taught in class that day. Also, please be aware that some homelink assignments are more than one page so look carefully.  Thank you!

Snacks, Lunch & Recess

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack and water bottle every day.  "Healthy" means non or low-sugared items.  Fruits, veggies, popcorn, etc. are good choices whereas fruit snacks and sugared cereals are not.  Children will be allowed to eat healthy snacks when they are hungry during class time.  Sugared "treats" will need to wait until lunchtime. Thank you for cooperating!
The lunch & recess block is from 12:05 to 12:55 daily.
  K-2 students will eat first and then go outside.
2nd recess for the whole school is from 3:20-3:50 daily


We will gladly recognize your child's birthday on his or her actual birthday  (or half birthday if it's in the summer). S/he will have some special things/privileges at school that day to help celebrate. If you choose to send in a treat,  please be sure that it is NOT EDIBLE.  Due to several allergies, we are choosing to keep everyone safe with food-free treats.  Remember that gift baggie treats are a choice for those who want to do it...we celebrate regardless.

The children can share treats with our own class and the office only.  Children will not be traveling to other classrooms.

We have 21 children in our class

Book Orders

How to place an online book order...
* Log on to   https://clubs.scholastic.com/

and sign up under the parent tab so you can place your order online.  It's easy and there is a larger selection to choose from.

The activation code is  J6M48