Literacy Block


Readers Workshop is a block of approximately 50  minutes each day in an environment where all readers are respected and reading lives are nurtured.  Time is spent talking, reading independently, buddy reading, conferring with other students and/or the teacher, working in guided reading groups at the child’s instructional level, participating in a mini-lesson  (7-10 minutes), being read to by the teacher and sharing/reflecting one one’s learning.


Writing:  takes place 4-5  days a week as well, and lasts 40-50 minutes.  During this time, students learn through talking/sharing, curriculum driven mini-lessons, conferring, writing and reflecting.  The majority of mini lessons focus on a mentor text read aloud by the teacher and the students are encouraged to try it on their own. Throughout the year narrative writing, informational writing and opinion writing are all explored.


Word Study  is a block of time in which we do a variety of activities  that focus on high frequency words, spelling words, word families, and strategies for decoding words. 


Independent work-
Children are given opportunities for individual choices and work. There are however, clear expectations for what they need to be doing and consequences for when they choose not to use their work time well.