Word Study


This involves the study of words by looking at words and patterns in words.

We understand that parents are very used to the weekly spelling lists, but research shows students often memorize words for a test, and then promptly forget them. Assigned spelling lists often require students to study isolated words rather than the phonics-- the sounds that letters make within the words.

The Words Their Way program does not completely abandon weekly lists, but emphasizes opportunities for students to investigate and understand the patterns in words and build word knowledge that can be applied to both reading and spelling. It is our goal that this systematic approach will help increase the spelling ability of all of our students.

With consistent practice with the words at school and at home, your child should be able to confidently apply the spelling or language skill on the spelling challenge. We will also integrate extensions through vocabulary and making words activities. Our goal is that through this work, students will be able to independently apply the skill(s) in their independent writing and increase their vocabulary and knowledge of the English language.

Below is a list of ways we will work with the week’s set of words to give you an idea of the structure of this program.

  • We will sort the words according to the sorting attribute.
  • We will use the words in our writing.
  • We will hunt for words that follow the sort in our reading and in the environment.
  • We will practice building words with letter cards.
  • We will discuss parts of speech of the words, present and past tense verbs, and the meanings and relationships between words, etc.
  • We will play word games to provide additional opportunities for the children to practice the words.