Classroom News
Ms. Popp
Spelling/Word Study 
A word study test will be given every two weeks unless notified due to a short week or other happenings.

*Read every week  (~15 min. daily)
*Practice & memorize multiplication facts through 10's for quizzes
(This is mandatory homework in 3rd grade)  
*Practice spelling sorts as needed for bi-weekly tests
*Daily Planner filled in & available every day

We celebrate 1/2 birthdays only if your child has a summer birthday and regular birthdays for all other students.  You may send in a small peanut free treat or trinket on your child's birthday celebration day.  We do not have parties for birthdays and it needs to be a quick and fun recognition as we do not want to interrupt the learning atmosphere and lessons.  I will let your child know the date and we can decide together what works best.  I will provide a peanut free list to make this convenient and easy. 
Have a Beautiful Day!
               Ms. Popp