Classroom Information

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the school year! Third grade is a very exciting time for your child and I am eager to share it with them. I encourage your participation and support. Sign-up sheets for room parent volunteers will be available on Curriculum Night.

Each student will have a communication folder that they will bring to school and take home each day. Please set aside some time each day to check your child’s folder for notes, homework, book orders etc. Any correspondence from home should be placed in the folder.

Any money sent to school needs to be placed in an envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and reason for sending it (lunch money, book order etc..) written clearly on the front.

Beginning Wednesday, I will be setting aside time each morning for the children to take a short snack break in the classroom. A light nutritious snack will provide the children with an extra energy boost to help them through the long morning. Please send the snack to school in a small sack, bag or container. Fruit(fresh or dried), veggies, cheese, and yogurt are acceptable snacks. Snacks should be finger food that does not require a utensil to eat. Please do not send munchies or desserts for snack break. In addition to snacks, water bottles will be permitted in the classroom. Label the bottle with your child’s name. The drinking fountain is available for use throughout the day, but many children find a water bottle more refreshing and it eliminates long lines at the drinking fountain during breaks after P.E. and recess.

I will be sending home a book order form each month. Checks made out to Scholastic Book Clubs will be accepted for payment.

Please keep all toys, cards, stuffed animals and games at home. I don’t want these valuable “treasures” to get lost, destroyed or broken.

Birthdays are very special days. You may send in nonedible birthday treats on your child’s birthday.  Summer birthdays may be celebrated on ½ birthdays. Also, please refrain from delivering birthday invitations at school. This prevents hurting the feelings of those children not invited to the celebration.

Your child’s well-being and happiness is of utmost concern to me. If a change (moving, marriage, divorce, new sibling, illness, etc.) is impacting them, please let us know.

I hope this information answers many of the questions you have about our procedures and policies. I will continue to keep you abreast of important dates, events, and activities as the year progresses. If you need to discuss a specific concern, please contact me by e-mail or in writing and I will set up a mutually convenient time to meet.  Together we can make this a wonderful educational experience for your child!


Thank you,

 Mrs. Quashnie

P.S. Please complete the transportation form attached to this packet

and return it to school as soon as possible.