Dear Parent(s),

          Welcome to the third grade!  As your child's teacher, I am looking forward to a fun and enriching year.  I believe the best way for students to be successful is to create an educational partnership with you and your child, based on open communication.  Therefore, please feel free to contact me (email is the best way) if you have any concerns about your child. 

          One of the most important goals I hope students will achieve is to become more responsible and independent learners.  I also feel students need to understand that learning is a life-long process.  I expect students to have a homework routine Monday – Friday.  Students should spend approximately 30 minutes on homework each night.  If you find that it is taking your child longer than this allotted time, please let me know.  Each night your child will be expected to complete the math homelink, read for enjoyment, and practice spelling words. 

          I strongly suggest that you help your child develop a routine when doing his/her homework/studying.  To help students learn to become organized, they will fill out a planner each day.  Orange homework folders have also been provided to bring home each night.  Each day daily work and/or notes will be sent home in them.

          Please go over the planner and the assignments with your child each night.  If all work is completed, please sign your child's planner and the daily reading log.  However, if for some reason homework is not finished, please write a note explaining the circumstances.  I realize there will be times when it will be difficult for your child to complete his/her homework; such reasons as illness, family events, or other activities that you feel are important.  In such cases additional time will be provided without any consequences.

          Homework will be collected and the reading log and planner will be checked each morning.  If assignments are not completed on time, the student will be responsible for completing it and turning it in by the next day.  When a student has a late assignment or missing work, he/she will miss out on Fun Friday. 

          I would like you to be an active participant in your child's learning.  Please take this opportunity to monitor your child's work and to make sure it is being completed to the best of his/her ability.  If we can form a cooperative team that communicates and supports, I am certain together we can have a productive and enriching year.  I appreciate all your efforts!

Mrs. Rollins