A Day in Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten Day: Ms. Larabell’s Classroom

Arrival 8:40 – 8:50: Line up at Door 5; School starts at 8:55

Dismissal 3:55: Students will be dismissed through Door 5



We are learning…


*2nd bell rings at 8:55

Arrival, morning work, attendance, morning announcements

During work, students will be practicing sentence writing and learning new sight words. As the year progresses, we will add a variety of review activities.


Morning Meeting

We spend this time doing social stories, building oral language, phonics, and phonemic awareness. The teacher also provides quality read-aloud at this time.


Reader’s Workshop

The teacher will provide reading lessons that guide the students as they make meaning of books they listen to and books they read.


Guided Reading and Work Stations

This is a chance for the teacher to meet small reading groups and provide instruction at each individuals ability. The students not meeting with the teacher will be practicing literacy skills with a partner.


Break, snack, morning recess

Students will have a chance for a bathroom break, movement, snack, and morning recess. Morning recess will be phased out as the year progresses, extending academic lessons.


Writer’s Workshop

The teacher will provide writing lessons that will guide the students as they make meaning in their illustrations and writing composition.


Letter or Work Study/ Handwriting

During this time, students work on letters, sounds, and words, as well as proper letter formation.


Lunch and Recess

Students will eat lunch and play on the playground. Lunch is from 12:05-12:35 and recess is from 12:35-12:55.


Quiet Time

During quiet time, students will listen to quiet music, do a yoga video, listen to stories, or watch and educational video.



Students will meet on the carpet to review concepts they have learned through games, singing, and dancing. The teacher will then introduce a new math skill. The students will then practice this skill and other math skills they have learned during math station time during engaging games and other activities. The teacher will be providing individual instruction or small group instruction while students are at their stations.


Science/ Social Studies/ Leadership

Once or twice a week, students will learn science, social studies, or leadership (Leader in Me) content during this time.


Free Choice/Snack/Pack

Students will have time for dramatic play and exploration or their choice. After free choice, students will have a chance to have a healthy afternoon snack and pack up.



Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday:

Thursday: Friday:


Recess and Dismissal

Students will in enjoy recess on the playground, and then come inside for dismissal. If picking up your child, park and walk up to the dismissal door (door 5). Bussers and SACC students will be led to their proper location nu our service squad team. If you need to make different transportation arrangements, please email or send a note in your child’s folder.