Working in Literacy at Home

Working on Literacy at Home
Below are some literacy activities that you can work on at home.

8 Ways of Working with Letters
by Jan Richardson
1. Match the Letters in the Bag -- Ask the student to find the letters that are the same, and put them in a line.  Students should say the name of each letter as they line them up from left to right. 
2. Match Letters to an Alphabet Chart – Ask the student to match the letters from the bag to the letters on the chart.  As they place the letter on the chart, they should name the letter and the picture on the chart.  Ask the student to give the letter sound, if they know it.
3. Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters – Ask the student to find the capital letter that matches each lowercase letter in their bag.  They should name the letters as they line them up.  Teach them how to use the alphabet chart for help. 
4. Sort by Color – Ask the student to find all of the “color” letters and name them as they put them in a line.  Repeat with each color/style that is in the bag.
5. Name Letters Left to Right – Ask the student to put all of the letters in a line and name them as they line them up.  Encourage speed.  “Let’s see how fast you can do this”.  There is no specific sequence, they just grab a letter from the bag, name it, and add it to the line…quickly. 

6. Name a Word that Begins with that Letter – Ask the student to pick a letter from his/her bag, say the letter, and say a word that begins with that letter.  For example, the child might pick a b and say “b – book”.  If they are having trouble thinking of a word, encourage them to look at the chart. 
7. Name the Letter that Begins the Word – Say a word and ask the student to find that letter on the chart that makes the sound at the beginning of your word.  For example, say, “Find the letter that you hear at the beginning of book”.  The student points to b. 
8. Find a Letter that Makes that Sound – Ask the student to find the letter on the chart that makes a given sound.  For example, “Find the letter that says /t/”.

Word Wall Activities to Try at Home

Modified from Primary Junction

  • Look at the word, say the word, try to memorize the letters in the word, write the word from memory, and check to see if you are right.
  • Use magnetic letters on a refrigerator or cake pan to spell words. 
  • Spell words with glue and sprinkle glitter on them or use glitter pens. 
  • Cut out letters from a newspaper or magazine to spell words.
  • Make spelling flash cards – write words on index cards and cut the letters apart to spell.
  • Call out word wall words in the car.
  • Mnemonic Devices – Come up with a saying to remember words – For example: tail – The apple is light.
  • Use scrapbook foam letters 
  • Write word wall words in bubble letters or another fun way.
  • Use ABC Cookie Cutters and play-dough to cut out letters to spell words 
  • Paint word wall words.
  • Use shaving cream to write word wall words.
  • Write words in sand or rice
  • Use letter beads from a craft store to write your word wall words (You could even put them on a string, or a screw, which is a great motor skill!)
  • Put letters on Legos, rocks, popsicle sticks, or bottle caps, and put them together to spell your word wall words.
  • Got a Magna Doodle? Write your word wall words on it!
  • – This site has tons of fun games to play using word wall words.