Dear Kindergarten Families,

I hope your kindergarten student is feeling at home here at Kennedy! We have an exceptional team of Kindergarten teachers and support staff.  I always enjoy joining the classrooms and observing the learning that takes place on a daily basis. I truly see myself as a partner with your child’s teacher in your child’s education. I will have the honor and privilege to guide them over the next 5 years through their K-4 educational experience. I take this charge very serious and having a strong personal relationship with your child is one of my first priorities as a principal.


In an effort to build a positive relationship with your child and your family, I am offering all of our Kindergarten families an optional home visit from Dr. Daniels. These visits will occur during the months of November through May. It is my goal that any family that wants a visit from me will get one during this school year.  Families are under no obligation to sign up or have me visit their home. 


As a classroom teacher, I offered visits to my students, and I believe it truly made an impact in my connection and relationship with the family. It is my belief that when children feel connected to the adults in their school their desire and motivation to learn increases.

These visits will be short, about 15 minutes. Dr. Daniels will arrive within a 30 minute time frame, greet your family, and meet any siblings. I also would love to meet the family pet and make a personal connection with your child.  Children may spend time with me right in the family’s front room or show me their bedroom or where they do their homework.


            I will be handling all sign ups online through To sign up for a home visit from Dr. Daniels please go There are time slots from November to January of 2014.  As the year progresses, she will add time and day slots. 

If families would rather just have a family conference here at school, this is also another option.  Families may email Dr. Daniels to schedule this sometime throughout the school year.


            I am looking forward to getting to know your child and family on a deeper level.  I am also excited to watch your child grow over the next years and become the best they can be!



Dr. Daniels